Seamlessly fortify your software with robust, end-to-end automated tests.
No-code, AI-driven testing allows for swift test creation and reduces test maintenance by up to 95%.
Achieve 90%+ test coverage within a year. Test automation has never been more straightforward.

No-code = Exceptional visibility

Tests are constructed in plain English, enabling any team member to contribute and make modifications as necessary. Generative AI aids in test creation. The tests are ultra-stable, and some of our customers even utilize them for monitoring.

One platform for all of your functional UI tests

Cover web, native and hybrid mobile, and native desktop: cross-browser and cross-platform. Verify your software on up to 2000 device-browser combinations. Visual testing, 2FA, email and SMS verifications, and many more.

Fully integrated testing within your system

Effortlessly integrate your test suites with tools such as Jira, TestRail, and the majority of CI/CD tools. Enjoy detailed screenshots for each test step, along with videos.

Enjoy truly robust tests, and speedy results

Run tests as often as needed and receive results in minutes rather than hours or days. Tests are not tied to implementation details, meaning changing an element locator, or even an entire development framework, won’t disrupt tests – provided the UI remains consistent. AI and ML algorithms reduce test maintenance to almost zero.